15 - 17 May 2018 / Lund, Sweden
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15 - 17 May 2018
Lund, Sweden
EEN & Watify Matchmaking Event on Nanotechnology


The challenges connected to the commercialization of nanowire technology require several parts of the value chain to come together in joint efforts to move forward. Europe has significant resources to be found in core technologies as well as module and system integration. There are also networks of pilot production facilities available for pilot production and upscaling based on new materials and technologies. By facilitating and initiating inter-regional and cross-border cooperation between private and public-sector actors, we can accelerate uptake of these technologies and reduce the time to market.

The specific application areas targeted are:

  • Photovoltaics. Nanowires with carefully designed geometry have been shown to act as optical antennas, enabling an increase of the solar cell efficiency while reducing the amount of material. New production technologies enable nanowires for photovoltaics to be mass produced in a cost effective manner.
  • Lighting. Nanowires offers new ways to improve the efficiency and tunability of light emitting diodes (LEDs) previously inaccessible in conventional LED production technology. For example, new crystal directions and material compositions enabled by nanowire technology promises to solve the “green gap”, the inability to produce high efficiency green LEDs, by using the unique properties of nanowires.
  • Power and RF electronics. Nanowire-based technology promises to reshape part of the power electronics market by enabling cost effective high-quality substrates. This is enabled by the potential of nanowires to provide dislocation-free substrates enabling vertical power devices in GaN.